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Now Go Create helps marketers, comms teams, creatives and agencies build creative capabilities with our creativity training courses and comprehensive toolkits.

For laser-like creative strategy, better briefs, actionable insights, brilliant ideas and knock-your-socks-off presentations.

Creative training for over 200+ companies worldwide

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Whether you want to generate better ideas, develop new products or deliver a word-perfect presentation, we have a creativity course that will equip you with the skills you need.

Creativity Courses

Do you want a better creative process and ideas? Do your brainstorms fall flat and you know there must be better ways to collaborate? 

How To Be A Creative Ninja is our signature creativity training course taken by more than 30,000 people. Choose from a live, interactive webinar where you’ll learn creativity tools, or book us for an in-depth face-to-face workshop.

Our courses deliver a practical creative thinking toolkit that you can start using today. Think of it like Lego, the more tools you have the more you can make.

Problem Solving Courses

Businesses are full of problems to solve. Developing your problem-solving skills is essential if you want to anticipate and overcome challenges.

We’ll share proven frameworks to help you and your teams to find solutions to complex problems.

Our SCAMPER course is a great place to start.

Our courses are built on years of research and evidence-backed tools that make a difference. Training is practical, hands-on, and immediately applicable to real-world business problems.

Presenting & Storytelling 

Your idea is only as good as your ability to persuade, and sell it to others. Our crack squad of working actors, scriptwriters and storytelling experts will share their secrets and teach you how to transform a humdrum pitch into an engaging and impactful presentation.

No matter how worried you feel about presenting or pitching, or how much your current way of doing things is letting you down, we can help. Check out our Pitch Ninja modules.

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Unlock your creative potential now! Explore our transformative courses for practical skills, innovative thinking, and professional growth. Arrange a chat with founder Claire.

Creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving are all essential skills in the modern workplace. These are our specialist areas with over 35,000 people trained since 2011. Our face-to-face and online training courses will empower everyone to problem-solve and think differently.”

Claire Bridges, Founder Now Go Create – get in touch

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80 NPS

Net Promoter Score

Our delegates love our courses. We’re proud that our How To Be A Creative Ninja course has an incredible NPS of 80! Our Ninjas develop a new-found confidence in their creative thinking abilities and can’t wait to apply them on the job.

250+ companies 

Trusted by brands & agencies

Brands like M&S, Netflix and Kenwood trust us to help them generate fresh ideas. Marketers and  brand teams love how we demystify creativity and help them level up their ideas. PR, social and media agencies love the practical ways to get to ideas fast, and pitch them with confidence.

30 years experience

In safe hands

Founder Claire has nearly three decades of experience as an MD and Creative Director, and the team has shared our collective creative, strategy and presenting knowledge for 13 years. Our trainers are all at the top-of-their-game pros, hand-picked to join the team.

Our training courses

Employers now consider creative thinking to be a core capability, and for brand and agency teams it's essential. The good news is that thinking more creatively is a learnable skill! We've trained thousands of people in practical ways to improve the way they think and solve problems – explore our courses below:

Best course I’ve ever attended

“Absolutely the best course ever I have attended – the creative thinking techniques I learned have changed my beliefs. I am sure I will use what I learned very often.” Ops Director, Pret A Manger

Pushed the team to think differently

“The Creative Ninjas day was fun, informative, challenging, and engaging – in all the right ways. It pushed our team to think differently to their day-to-day, and everyone came away feeling inspired. 

50 Ways to Supercharge Your Creativity Instant FREE download

- ​Are your brainstorms a bit rubbish?

- Are you staring at a blank page willing an idea to emerge?

- Do you suspect that there must be a better way of getting to great ideas?

For anyone who wants to upgrade their creative thinking. We've got you. Download your FREE guide to unlock fresh ideas and supercharge your creativity!

Use the 50 different triggers as inspiration to help you prep for a group creative session or to generate ideas by yourself. Stimulate your imagination and get a fresh perspective on your challenge.

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