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A practical workshop exploring ways to review different sources of information and learn to interpret it – leading to actionable insights.
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About this course







About this course

What your team will learn

In order to decide what plan of action to take and to inform any strategy, you’ll need to review different sources of information and learn to interpret it – leading to an actionable insight. Advertising strategists sometimes define an insight as a brand or product ‘truth’. The ability to interpret and analyse information and use it to inform your decisions and your creative ideas creates opportunities whatever your discipline. In this workshop we’ll explore sources of information, what an insight is and how to use it as the basis for a creative idea or solution to a problem. We recommend you take it alongside our How To Be A Strategy Ninja workshop where we share theories and frameworks for devising strategy.


What your team will learn

Insights enable you to better understand what motivates your customer or audience, to get your message to land, and to act as a robust platform for creative ideas or solutions. They are your ‘why’ before the ‘how’. Improve your critical thinking with this insights training and leave with an understanding of what an insight is, and how to develop them.
Understand what an insight is (and isn’t)
What sources and resources exist to help you find useful information
How to craft an insight
How insights have informed creative work with case studies
Where to look for quantitative and qualitative data
The 4 C’s of research


What you will receive

Comprehensive course workbook
5 weekly ‘strategy nudge’ emails post the course to embed the learning


Meet your coach

Anahita Milligan

Head of strategy
Expert trainer, Anahita Milligan is ex-Head of Strategy at the award-winning planning agency Manning Gotlieb. She has devised creative strategies for brands including Playstation and the UK government and will help you and your teams to develop robust approaches. For Anahita having a great insight is all about the ‘so what?’ factor, and must be clear and actionable.

Claire Bridges

Now Go Create Founder & Chief Spark
Claire is a former WPP MD, where she was a problem-solver, applying creative thinking to a vast range of clients including Starbucks, P&G, and Unilever. Claire is keen to help demystify strategy development, which can be intimidating and overwhelming. Strategy requires one to undertake a diagnosis of the problem. Research and reviewing your information to get to insights and action is a key part of the process. Claire will walk you through how to go about that on this course.


Clients words

“The session was excellent. This will help us to create a gold standard approach for strategy across the business!”

Account Director
Healthcare agency

Will apply it immediately!

“Another brilliant session today, thank you so much for always providing such powerful insights and ideas. The biggest stand-outs for me overall were about making clear how / why an insight is actionable and putting an informed and articulated point of view at the heart of the strategy.”

Celine Khor John Doe


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do after this course?

After this face to face training or online webinar you will be able to: – Know where to look for information and how to analyse it for insights – Better understand the needs, behaviours, and demands of consumers, users or customers to better inform your decision-making – How to craft an insight and use it to inform a creative idea – Identify opportunities for further practice in your day-to-day work context – Move from ‘hunches’ to action

What will you cover on this course?

There are hundreds of quantitative and qualitative sources of data and information we can review to help (in) form an insight. We’ll look at places to collect information for example: – Sales data – Your category – Customer reviews – Social media – Competitor audit – Behavioural economics – Trends data You’ll explore insights in the context of: – What motivates your customer or audience – What motivates you to do business – The business context – Macro trends – Culture – Technology – what might change the game?

Who is this course for?

Anyone tasked with devising and selling creative ideas, or developing new products or services, based on a compelling insight. Particularly useful for budding strategists, particularly in earned media, PR, comms, digital agencies or those looking to develop rigorous point of view, strategy or argument for a pitch or presentation.

Do you tailor this course for me?

You tailor it for yourself as you will bring or undertake desk research, consumer or customer information, input from interviews or focus groups or data you bring with you. We will then work alongside you to review and organise your information to find relevant insights.

Where do the workshops run?

To keep costs down we usually come and deliver this workshop at your office or workspace. We can also deliver it online. If you want to get offsite and have the budget, we love Wallace Space’s individual and creative training spaces, all over central London. We travel all over the UK and abroad to deliver our workshops.


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Where to look for insights – Team Course & Training

A half or full day workshop tailored to your team or group. Work collectively on your opportunities and challenges whilst collecting and reviewing your sources of information and data. workshop. Leave with actionable insights on which to base your next presentation, pitch or strategy.

Up to 16 participants
Whats included
Whats included
Whats included

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