How To Be A Strategy Ninja course.

Learn the fundamentals of strategic thinking and decision-making. Whilst diving straight into creative ideas to generate solutions is tempting, they won’t stack up without a rigorous interrogation of the brief and the problem. This popular course shows you how.

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About this course

What your team will learn

The word ‘strategy’ has the power to intimidate and confuse. The ability to think strategically is a skill that is often left to chance, with people rising through the ranks and expected to know how to devise business strategies by chance.

This strategy training covers how to devise a strategy following a clear process with tools to help at each stage, as well as case studies and practical help. The focus is on strategic planning with application to briefs across PR, marketing, digital, communications and beyond. Once you understand the frameworks and steps, you can apply your newfound strategic skills to any project.

Understanding how to devise and execute a successful business strategy is a key part of professional development in the so-called VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment we are operating in.

For this course, we typically work with people looking to create a PR, communications, project or social media strategy. However, these tools can be applied to any subject.


What your team will learn

This strategist training course will provide you with a strategy toolkit to tackle your current and future challenges.

The strategy you develop will provide a vision and direction to be shared by the whole team or organisation, and it all begins with a robust diagnosis of your situation. You may be devising a digital marketing strategy, an organisational strategy or a PR strategy; whatever your area, we will share methodologies to help you diagnose the problem.

This includes desk research, unravelling the brief and interrogating the problem to evaluate and determine what’s important. Our favourite frameworks and theories are ‘neutral’ – beneficial for many different scenarios, whatever the creative problem


Frameworks for developing strategy
Easy ways to articulate your strategy
How to devise a creative strategy
Research tools
How to use trends

 The role of insights

brainstorm facilitation


What you will receive

Comprehensive course workbook
5 weekly emails post the course
Downloadable strategy essentials PDF
Reading list and resources


Meet your coach

Anahita Milligan

Head of strategy

Expert trainer, Anahita Milligan is ex-Head of Strategy at the award-winning planning agency Manning Gotlieb. She has devised creative strategies for brands including Playstation and the UK government and will help you and your teams to develop robust approaches. She loves demystifying strategy and sharing ways to get to a differentiated point of view and clear and exciting creative direction.
She says: “When you work with many stakeholders, clients, agencies, teams and departments having a clear strategy makes sure that everybody has a North Star to apply to their decision-making.” Anahita also teaches our ‘where to find insights course’.

Claire Bridges

Now Go Create Founder & Chief Spark

Claire is a former WPP MD, where she had to devise creative, PR and communications strategies for household name brands. She is passionate about making strategy accessible to everyone, and sharing a clear process. With frameworks and tools, you’ll learn how to devise creative strategies that stack up against even the most complex business problems.

The methodologies can be applied to a wide range of strategic challenges.

Claire regularly applies these tools herself on our consultancy clients and has applied them to innovation projects and our own e-learning.


Client’s words

The team universally loved it

“Developing PR strategy is a core part of the job as you rise up the management ranks and great strategy is at the heart of all good campaigns. Now Go Create developed the team’s skills in this area with impressive results. The team loved the practical, hands on nature of the course, getting stuck into a live agency business challenge meant that no time was wasted and the outcomes of the day were immediately applicable to our client work. It’s helped to harness great agency thinking and sharpen insight from the minute the training finished.

Jessica Owen MD Kazoo

10 out of 10

“I really valued the question storming part of the training and the challenging of assumptions – the latter has stayed with me and allowed me to interrogate my perceptions of certain situations and also to try and empathize and understand where others are coming from when working with them. I find that helps dealing with internal challenges and also understand where clients are coming from.”

Ryan Sketchly 

WE Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do after this course?

After attending one of our strategy courses, be that face-to-face training or an online webinar, you will be able to:
– Decide which of the different strategy tools is most helpful to your current situation and apply it to your topic.
– Discuss the pros and cons of each tool and identify opportunities for further practice in your day-to-day strategy work and context.
– Devise a strategy and clearly articulate it.
– Be more confident in your ability to think strategically.
– Share your point of view and strategy with others, whether you are a business leader in charge of your own business or part of a wider organisation.

Do you tailor this strategist training course for me?

Yes, we always adapt our materials and the tools we teach. This means your case studies will be tailored to your sector or area of interest (and geography), as well as sharing best-in-class strategy and creative work from around the world.

What sort of people take this workshop?

Maybe you’re an in-house communications team and have to devise a strategy to exploit an opportunity, announcement or sponsorship, a PR agency out to win more new business pitches. Maybe you’re a creative strategist in a PR agency, or new to a planning for earned role. Or maybe you’re a team leader who has to work out the best way to tackle an issue and manage your resources to get there. This course will help you do that.

I'm a strategy novice - is this course for me?

We devise our courses to be understandable and clear, whatever your level. If you haven’t had to develop a strategy by yourself before or tackle a brief or challenge from scratch, then this course will push you – but that’s OK!

If you regularly have to tackle new business briefs, devise strategy and want to continue to build your frameworks and strategy toolkit, then this course will enhance your existing knowledge and help you do that. Typically, agency delegates are AD/AsD level and in-house comms or marketing managers. This course works well with our Insights Ninja course too for those interested in building this expertise. If you’re not sure, just ask us!

Where do the workshops run?

To keep costs down, we usually come and deliver this workshop at your office or workspace. We also offer our Strategy Ninja course online. If you want to get offsite and have the budget, we love Wallace Space’s individual and creative training spaces, which can be found all over central London. We travel all over the UK and abroad to deliver these sessions.

Who's this course for?

Maybe you’re an in-house communications team and have to devise a strategy to exploit an opportunity, announcement or sponsorship. Perhaps you’re a PR agency out to win more new business pitches. Maybe you’re a creative strategist in a PR agency, or new to a planning for earned role.

Or maybe you’re a team leader who has to work out the best way to tackle an issue and manage your resources to get there. This course delves into effective business strategy to help you do that.

What sort of tools do you teach in this session?

Typical tools / frameworks covered in this strategy training: The theory of change – a one pager on which to explore your strategy topic with useful prompts Question-storming – an alternative to a brainstorm to consider more points of view, options and ways into your challenge, opportunity or problem How to develop a problem statement – get to a useful jump-off point for your ideas The advertising strategist’s secret shorthand – a Get-To-By statement – a quick and pithy way to articulate what you need to do A logic chain – a skeleton argument for any situation


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