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With 25 lessons across three new modules, you can flex our online content to suit your needs and learning style. Start building your creativity toolkit today at your own pace.

3 hours with 25 lessons on any device
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About this course







About this course

What your team will learn

With 25 bite-size lessons across three modules, you and your people can flex our online content to suit your needs and learning style. Start building your creativity toolkit today with each one.

E-learning course 1: How To Build An Idea

How To Build An Idea is an online programme that’s been three years in the making, leaning on nearly 25 years of experience working in the creative industries. It’s carefully designed to help you to generate, develop and sell your brilliant ideas. 

E-learning course 2: Get Yourself In A Great State To Create

Ever feel like you have no creative energy to bring to your role at work? We all have busy lives, stresses and time-pressures, which can make us distracted and disconnected from ourselves and the rich stimuli all around us. WFH means that our desk hours have increased and our boundaries between home and work get blurred.

This module invites you to take some time out to refill your creativity tank. Whether that’s a mental break between endless meetings, a change of scenery, or getting yourself in the right frame of mind ahead of a creative brainstorm. 

These tools will become staples in your creative toolkit to get yours and your team’s creative mojo back! Use them when you’re burnt out, bored or preparing to lead a workshop. Whenever you need to be in a great state to create.

E-learning course 3: Field trip to The Museum

Research shows that letting your mind wander fosters creativity. And, while we can’t always visit our favourite cultural venues right now, we can get there virtually! Join Now Go Create founder and creativity expert Claire Bridges on a virtual tour at London’s Design Museum. We’ll take inspiration from the ingenuity, creativity and inventions we find there in an hour of lessons to take at your pace.

You’ll learn creative exercises using some of the museum artefacts as a stimulus. And explore the role of your conscious and unconscious mind in creativity, using insights from neuroscience to add more tools to your creative toolkit. Finally we’ll develop new ideas, products or campaigns to suit your needs, using iconic designs as brainfood. 

We’re continuing to build our library with access to a growing list of on-demand, on-the-job resources.


What your team will learn

Our carefully curated e-learning modules are designed to cover different aspects of creativity – from how to find ideas to how to assess your ideas – to help you unlock your true creative potential and drive innovation. Find ways to feed your inspiration and make the best use of practical tools.

 Across these modules expect to learn:

How to understand and develop a more creative mindset.
Essential creative thinking tools to tackle any challenge
How to create mental and physical space for creative thinking
Quick ways to fire up your imagination on the job
How to brainstorm like a pro
How some of the most famous 20th century inventions were created and use the same approaches in your work


What you will receive

Comprehensive downloadable PDF workbook
3 months course access
Additional resources for self-guided study


Meet your e-learning coach

creativity e learning Now Go Create

Claire Bridges

Get ready to supercharge your creativity! Claire has worked with thousands of marketing, comms, PR, design, digital and designated ‘creatives’ to oil the wheels of creativity IRL and now online. Claire has studied and interviewed some of the world’s most prolific creative people, and innovative businesses, to inform this e-learning.

Devised during lockdown, this e-learning is accessible any device, anywhere you choose. The tools shared cover different aspects of the creative process from the right mindset for creativity, with the Great State To Create module to practical tools, step-by-step in How To Build An Idea. Introverts love the guided process and it gives everyone time for in-depth personal development.



Clients words


“This e-learning is a game-changer! Packed with ideas, tools and guides.”

Rebecca Jabbar
Media Trainer

I ended up doing all three back-to-back, love it!

I often go gung-ho into trying to find solutions, so I look forward to using the well-formed question tool – a new one for me – to break apart the challenge. I loved how it was broken up with videos, some reading and interactive images. It was visually really stimulating.

It really is fantastic. Such an interesting way of learning new tools, and I came away feeling inspired and empowered to take that ‘thinking time’ out during the day.

Lauren Spearman Global Head of Communications and Engagement, ManyPets


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do after this course?

First off, you’ll develop your creativity skills and learn some awesome techniques for coming up with killer ideas that’ll make you the envy of your colleagues. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems that would normally make your head spin. And you’ll make it look easy. And if you’re all about teamwork and collaboration, then you’re in luck! The tools you’ll learn will help you to work effectively with others particularly if you are called to lead brainstorm or run a workshop. Along the way you’ll also learn how to become a better creative leader, inspire others, and foster a culture of creativity and innovation within your organization. The practical and guidance will help you to continue to develop a growth mindset, which will help you embrace challenges and keep on learning and improving.

Who is this course for?

This storytelling for business course is for anyone who wants to harness the power of storytelling for business, pitches, presentations, keynotes & selling. It’s been taken by delegates from companies including Facebook, GSK, Accenture and many advertising and PR agencies for internal and external presenting and pitching.

Can you guide our team through the e-learning?

Yes! We can run an introductory webinar for you to inspire and motivate your whole group to kick things off. This is a popular choice for clients who want to create a programme for their teams. We recommend setting a timeframe for completion as it keeps people engaged and we can top and tail your programme with webinars. Just ask us for more info.


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