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The SCAMPER problem solving tool offers 7 different ways to approach a challenge, project or product. Standing for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and Reverse – it is a framework to stimulate questions which can be used to help you problem solve.

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About this course

What your team will learn

SCAMPER is an acronym for seven different ways to approach a challenge: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and Reverse. It is a framework to stimulate questions which can be used to help you problem-solve and look at your challenge, project or product differently.

The SCAMPER questions can trigger modifications of something that already exists, and they can also act as a springboard to truly fresh thinking – helping you to boost your problem-solving skills.

The seven lenses used represent the questions necessary to break through creative blocks. We call SCAMPER the WD40 of problem-solving tools as it can be applied to almost any problem. It can help you to find new ideas, both individually and in groups which makes people more confident in the workplace and is set to banish rubbish brainstorms!

We have worked with product teams at Marks and Spencer, Jamie Oliver Food and many PR agencies, brand and comms teams to help them solve problems using the SCAMPER problem-solving tool.

You will explore case studies from a raft of different industries to see how SCAMPER might have been used to generate solutions.

In this problem solving training you will practice collaborating and problem-solving together during the workshop and find solutions to your real-world briefs, and can be run as an interactive online course.

Innovation is often about improving something that already exists. SCAMPER lenses can help with both incremental and breakthrough solutions to problems.


What your team will learn

If you love a structured approach to problem solving and creativity, this is the training for you!
You’ll leave understanding with a firm grasp of what each of the 7 SCAMPER problem solving lenses means and how to apply it to your own challenge
How to apply the different methods in a systematic way
Your approach to dull, uninspired brainstorms or meetings will be transformed as you make it look easy to stimulate new ideas
How to unpick and deconstruct creative work using this model
You will learn how to use and facilitate the SCAMPER model template online too using free collaborative whiteboard MIRO templates

You will feel more confident facilitating creativity in others as the SCAMPER tool encourages groups and individuals to brainstorm by removing boundaries and also promotes constructive problem solving among teams (it works remotely too).


What you will receive

Downloadable PDF with the SCAMPER triggers ready to use in your next workshop

60 SCAMPER triggers worksheet and blank template


Meet your coach

Anahita Milligan

Problem-solver extraordinaire!
Expert trainer, Anahita Milligan has been working for Now Go Create for over a decade. Anahita has used the SCAMPER tool herself many times in her role as an expert facilitator working with clients including M&S and media agencies. Anahita is formally trained in creative problem solving methodologies and has a raft of other brilliant tools up her sleeve!

Claire Bridges

Now Go Create Founder & Chief Spark

Claire has almost 30 years experience in the creative industries. Claire is fascinated with the creative process helping individuals and teams, to drive innovation and unleash their creative potential. Claire loves to teach the SCAMPER tool because it’s the tool that doesn’t stop giving! Whether you want radical ideas or to build on your existing assets, thoughts or campaigns then the triggers offer so many different ways in. It’s good for individuals and teams, easy to facilitate online and IRL, what more could you want in an innovation and problem solving tool?


Client’s words

Skills to build on

“Thank you so much for the programme. And well done to all teams for really embracing the sessions. Some great ideas and ways of working came out of it and lots of skills to build on moving forward.”

Elliot Berry
Original Series Publicity Manager, Netflix

Armed with tools

A significant part of my role at the NSPCC is to create a culture of innovation and learning. Having had no official creative ‘training’ in the past, at times I lacked have confidence to fully explore creativity for myself and my team. I left the training invigorated and am now armed with a basket of easy to execute creative tools either to use for my own creativity or with teams. I’ve put these immediately into practice at work with superb results.”

Caroline Appleton
Head of Individual Supporters, NSPCC


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do after this course?

After this face to face training or online webinar you will be able to: – Use the SCAMPER creative processes to ideate by yourself or in a group – Identify opportunities for further practice in your day-to-day work context – Creatively collaborate more effectively with others using the resources we provide to use SCAMPER in your setting

Do you tailor this course for me?

Yes, we always adapt our materials and the tools we teach to the customer. We include relevant examples to your industry as well as examples of the SCAMPER principles more broadly. We also take cultural sensitivities into consideration. If we need to create new materials or bespoke training we can do that too.

What sort of people take this workshop?

Creativity and problem solving are key skills whatever your role. You definitely don’t need the word creative in your job title. SCAMPER is a brilliant innovation and creative thinking tool with wide application to many different contexts and industries.

Our problem-solving training course has been taken by people from a wide variety of businesses and departments – being better able to tackle challenging issues is an essential part of personal and business improvement.

Where do the workshops run?

To keep costs down we usually come and deliver this workshop at your office or workspace. If you want to get offsite and have the budget, we love Wallace Space’s individual and creative training spaces, all over central London. We travel all over the UK and abroad to deliver our workshops.


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We have options for individuals and teams to help unlock your full creative potential and fuel your ideas!

In-person SCAMPER team problem solving training

A half or full day workshop tailored to your team or group. Work collectively on your creative challenges using the SCAMPER technique. Collaborate, practice and gain confidence in this fast-paced workshop.

Up to 18 participants

 SCAMPER brainstorming resource downloadable PDF

Tailored to your sector
We can adapt for large groups

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