How To Be A Pitch Ninja course.

Learn how to organise your thoughts into an impactful presentation to pitch like a Ninja!

Course Summary

Learn quick and effective ways to pull together all your information and then use frameworks to structure it. Our presentation skills course content module has been developed to help you hone your messages to create a killer pitch or argument and is full of practical advice and tips. 

2 hr online workshop of half day face to face
On dates to suit you
Beginners & Intermediates
14 participants max

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About this course







About this course

What your team will learn

Great presentations are about three key things – the content, the presenter (you) and the delivery.

Our crack support team for budding pitchers and presenters gets you off to a flying start with a workshop that will help the necessary skills for you to craft and deliver compelling content. Developing your presentation deck relies on a lot more than opening powerpoint and starting to write your content.

This presentation skills course will help you feel more confident about your pitch, talk or presentation because your content ducks will be in a perfectly formed row!

Our Pitch Ninjas course has a bustling ‘workshop’ feel to it, with delegates bringing their pitch or talk with them and putting it into simple presenting frameworks and message templates. They then work on their presenting skills via several short exercises all designed to enhance confidence. The learning process is super interactive and uses techniques gleaned over many years of personal experience from our team.

You choose the topic – such as the opening minutes to a new business pitch you’re working on. Or it might just be getting your business creds down to a brilliantly pithy, engaging delivery.

Our Pitch Ninja workshops are all about learning practical skills and working on live projects to keep everything real. Whether you want to boost your communication skills, deliver better presentations or even feel more confident about public speaking, this course is for you.

This presentations skills workshop will appeal particularly to anyone looking for new ways to translate corporate messages into the real world. You might be a brand manager, marketing director or business leader; you may work in advertising, PR, internal communications or in a creative team.

People love thinking about to be better prepared, considering the audience and the practice they get on all of our Now Go Create courses. Folks leave with a newfound self-confidence in their presentation skills and feel far better equipped to stand up and deliver their messages in an engaging way.


What your team will learn

Learn quick and effective ways to pull together all your information and then use frameworks to structure it. Our course content has been developed to help you hone your messages to create a killer pitch or argument and is full of practical advice and tips.

A simple & effective way to structure your presentation
Ways to engage your audience
Ways to avoid common mistakes
Where to begin crafting compelling content
How to tackle difficult questions

Step into your audience’s shoes and land your messages

Learn the secrets of the most successful TED talks & public speakers


What you will receive

Comprehensive course workbook
A reusable 5-slide presentation structure template


Meet your coach

Claire Bridges

Now Go Create Founder & Chief Spark

Claire has spent almost 30 years in the creative industries.

Claire is a Keynote speaker herself and has spoken in front of large audiences at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity several times, at the Festival of Marketing and all over the world for clients. The presentation skills methods she teaches are tried and tested personally and learned from working with hundreds of high-profile clients and teams to prepare them with the confidence, tools and body language necessary to take to the stage. Claire works with our writers and storytelling pros to curate all of our presentation skills courses.


Clients words

My whole team took this course.

“Whether you’re new to presentations or have been doing them for years, I’d highly recommend this course if you want to improve.”

Nick Foley, Director of Communications, University of Warwick

I took the content, then storytelling workshop.

“The two courses worked brilliantly together. I feel very confident about applying what I learned to my day-to-day work.”

Lauren Simpson Publicis Media


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of tools do you teach in this session?

– The basics of how to develop an argument using pathos, ethos and logos – emotion, credibility and logic.

– The art of distilling your message

– Audience empathy map

– Twitter headlines

– A simple 5 step presentation framework


What will I be able to do after this course?

After this face to face training or online presentation skills webinar you will be able to:
– Quickly structure a presentation or argument using a framework
– Know where to begin with your presentation or pitch
– Be more confident in your ability to remember your content
– Consider what the audience needs, not just what you want tell them
– Consider how to use stories (see our Storytelling in business course for an in-depth course)

Who is this course for?

The presentation skills training courses we offer at Now Go Create are suitable for anyone and can be helpful in any occasion where you need to deliver a memorable and professional presentation.

More than that, your newfound presentation skills will be useful in any situation that requires you to be part psychologist, creative, strategist, salesperson and actor combined. This course will help you to get all your content ducks in a row before you think about how you want to look, sound and so on.

Lots of people open up Powerpoint to write a presentation – that is not the sole purpose of this course! It will naturally help you develop a deck but not about increased reliance on visual aids.

We’ll help you to get clear on your presentation content on this high-impact training course. Post course, you’ll have new skills you can use straight away – even on some of the more difficult audiences you may encounter when giving presentations!

Do you tailor this course for me?

Yes – our presentation courses are perhaps more tailored to you than on any other of our training courses. Pitch Ninja is a highly interactive workshop made up of a series of exercises to get you from the blank page to your very own skeleton presentation (on a project of your choosing) during the session.

So yes, you bring whatever you’re working on – whether that’s first or last draft or anywhere inbetween. We’ll work with you to get your content and delivery in shape.

Don’t panic if you’re not working on anything right now and simply want to become better at pitching and presenting. We can usually find something personal and relevant for you to discuss and work on pretty quickly.

Where do your presentation skills workshops run?

To keep costs down we usually come and deliver this workshop at your office or workspace. If you want to run this before a storytelling workshop we can deliver it online. If you want to get offsite and have the budget, we love Wallace Space’s individual and creative training spaces, all over central London. We travel all over the UK and abroad to deliver our workshops.

Can you work with me on my presentation skills one-to-one?

Absolutely. Coaching is a well researched and useful HR intervention to help develop an individual’s potential and provide career support, as well as helping people to develop a more strategic perspective after a promotion to a more senior role (the CIPD has a useful coaching and mentoring factsheet). Of course, everyone’s needs for coaching are different. We have a range of coaches to work with whether you are a Creative Director looking to transition into a leadership role or simply wanting one-to-one support to prepare for a killer pitch, a Keynote or presentation. Your creative coaching sessions will be facilitated by one of our trained coaches. Great coaching conversations empower the individual to find the answers within themselves. This is a key difference between coaching and mentoring. We think of coaching like a trellis on which a plant can grow and thrive – providing structure and support.


Simple, transparent pricing

We have options for individuals and teams to develop brilliant presentations and share your ideas!

In-person Content and Pitch Ninjas team training

Want to start a presentation or polish up a draft? This is usually a half or full day workshop tailored to your team or group. Work on your presentations working alongside your coach. You can add-on a practical half day, where you’ll present to your colleagues in the afternoon with feedback and personal input from your coach.
Up to 16 participants
Comprehensive handout
Workshop your content

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