Storytelling Ninja course.

Storytelling for business – a masterclass with our professional writers, actors and performers

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Are you looking to improve your business communication skills and connect with your audience on a deeper level? Our Storytelling Ninja training course will share how to craft compelling stories that inspire action, build trust, and leave your audience wanting more!

Half or full day workshop, or online
Various open dates or anytime to suit you
Beginners, Intermediates & advanced
18 participants max

Storytelling Ninja course.

Are you looking to improve your business communication skills and connect with your audience on a deeper level? Our Storytelling Ninja training course will share how to craft compelling stories that inspire action, build trust, and leave your audience wanting more!

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About this course







About this course

What your team will learn

Storytelling is essential for brands and individuals in a world where we are surrounded with noise. Our business storytelling masterclass will share how to use the tools of master storytellers to make your messages stand out.

Compelling stories have the power to engage and move people, and they can also make difficult subjects easy to grasp. In this highly interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn how to tell stories for maximum impact.

Join companies like Uber, Facebook, Accenture and many others who’ve worked with us to unlock the power of a good story.

Our storytelling courses help you to understand the science behind why stories are the most powerful communication tool around. This course is for anyone who wants to harness the power of storytelling in any setting: for business, pitches, presentations, keynotes and selling.

In this highly interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn how to tell personal stories and business stories that resonate.

You’ll be working with professionals who create stories for a living, including Max Dickins and Octavia Gilmore (scroll down for their amazing bios). Learn the craft of storytelling in order to:

  • Influence more effectively at work.

  • Sell ideas to clients and stakeholders across the business world.

  • Understand the relevance of storytelling for individuals and for brands.

  • Hold your audience’s attention for longer.

  • Motivate people through the power of story and more.

Our business storytelling workshops run for up to 20 people, with around 16 being the ideal number for one trainer. However, we can run it for many more – ask for details. We ran an event for over 150 digital specialists at the Barbican for Accenture Digital, with glowing feedback.

Facebook also loved the immersive and playful nature of the course, and left with practical takeaways. We can run our Storytelling Ninja course at your office location or at a suitably theatrical London venue for added oomph!


What your team will learn

Effective storytelling in business involves understanding the audience, selecting the right stories, and using a variety of storytelling techniques. It requires the ability to craft stories that are both compelling and relevant to the business context, and to deliver them in a way that resonates with the audience. This course will help you to do that and more. Learn:
Practical storytelling hacks that you can use straight away, to tell brilliantly engaging anecdotes.
Essentials of structure: we teach the shape that is common to every great story
Learn the craft of creating emotional experience for an audience
How to make your message as punchy as possible
Understand the different sorts of stories you can tell in business, and when to use them
Storytelling in business workshop


What you will receive

Downloadable course handout
3 story coach emails post the course
Individual feedback on your stories


Meet your coaches

Octavia Gilmore

Storytelling & Pitch Coach

Octavia is a storytelling shapeshifter – she acts, improvises, directs, produces, coaches and writes. Octavia coaches our Storytelling and Presentation Ninja workshops and helps people to confidently share their messages and make an impact.

As a working actress, Octavia will help you to be authentic and comfortable – whether presenting at a pitch, at a keynote or on a Zoom call. She’ll help to explain how good storytelling is a skill you can master, and show you some of the best tricks of the trade.

She is an exceptional communicator and will help you to be, too. Octavia can work one-to-one with you to really up the ante on your storytelling and communication skills.

Max Dickins

Our storyteller in residence

Max is an author, screenwriter and professional storyteller who shares his hard-won insights into the craft of storytelling, learnt at the coal face on stages worldwide. He runs both storytelling and improv workshops for Now Go Create. He helps inspiring leaders become great storytellers and his sessions always leave a lasting impression. In demand as speaker, Max is the author of best-selling book Billy No Mates. On stage, he’s worked as a stand-up comedian, and also as a playwright. As an actor and writer his TV and radio credits include BBC2, E4 and Sky1. Max’s storytelling workshops are highly immersive and engaging, with multiple 5-star reviews!


Clients words


Max was fantastic and really made each session enjoyable, fun and we have received lots of good feedback on it so far. I am sure it can be tough with groups of 60+ to keep everyone engaged while also delivering storytelling fundamentals but Max managed this no problem.
Jessica Arthurs Digital Strategy Consultant Accenture Interactive

A definite highlight

Max’s session was a definite highlight for all of the team. The content was relevant and broken down into simple, practical frameworks that the team could take away and start to apply in their everyday work. Max even tailored the content to the specific challenges we were working through. 

Michelle Carroll VP, GSK


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do after this storytelling course?

After attending one of our online storytelling webinars or a tailored, face-to-face training session held exclusively for your team, you will be able to:

– Use an effective story structure to hook and retain your audiences interest
– Craft compelling stories that inspire action, build trust, and drive results
– Differentiate between the different kinds of stories you can use in business
– Know how to dial up the audience’s emotions
– Use sensory details that help the audience to visualise the story.

Who is this course for?

This Storytelling Ninja course is for anyone who wants to harness the power of storytelling for business, pitches, presentations, keynotes and selling. It’s been taken by delegates from companies including Facebook, GSK, Accenture and many advertising and PR agencies for internal and external presenting and pitching.

Does this course cover developing the basic content of a presentation?

No. We often find that people come to us with a need for more ‘stories’ when they also need to get their communication and content ducks in a row.

We run a content development session that we run before the storytelling workshop to really help you ground your messages and content. You can find out about it here.

What types of stories can be used in business?

People often come to our storytelling workshops thinking that they’ll have to dig deep and find relevant, personal stories to illustrate their points. Of course this is a common part of a presentation but
there are many other types of stories that can be used in business, including personal anecdotes, case studies, customer success stories, origin stories, and brand stories amongst many others.

What about the performance side of presenting?

Telling great stories is just one weapon in your presenting arsenal – we can also help you finesse your performance. Working alongside Max or Octavia, you can learn the secrets of professional performers to help you turn your anxiety into excitement and learn performance and vocal techniques for better public speaking. We offer one-to-one coaching on this too. Please get in touch for more details.

Where do the workshops run?

To keep costs down we usually come and deliver this workshop at your office or workspace, or of course online. If you want to get offsite and have the budget, we love Wallace Space’s individual and creative training spaces, all over central London. We travel all over the UK and abroad to deliver these sessions. We sometimes run the storytelling workshop in a more theatrical venue, just ask us for more details.

Do you tailor this course for me?

Yes, we will always find out more about the context for storytelling within your organisation. That way, we can adapt our methods and exercises to ensure that the stories really work for you and your team. The same’s true for our online storytelling workshops: we’ll always try to incorporate relevant, real-life examples that resonate with our delegates.


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In-person Storytelling Ninjas team training

Are you ready to develop your communications skills with storytelling? A half or full day workshop tailored to your team or group. Develop stories, share, practice and gain confidence in this highly immersive workshop.
Up to 18 participants
Comprehensive handout
Tailored to your sector
We can adapt for large groups

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