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Develop your brainstorm facilitation skills and lead the creative process.

Course Summary

Great facilitators are the orchestra conductors of team creativity. This brainstorming training course will teach you facilitation skills to unleash creativity in others, whether in person or online brainstorming.
Full day and online workshop options
Selected public training dates or in-house
14 participants max per workshop

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About this course







About this course

What your team will learn

Sometimes people disagree or get a little hot under the collar in brainstorming sessions. Great creativity facilitators understand the brainstorming process and know just how to manage the balance between heated debate that leads to fresh thinking and avoiding all-out war.

They foster trust and psychological safety, involve everyone, adapt to different styles and make it ok to take risks to get to great ideas.

Group brainstorms get a bad rap. And if they are poorly run then deservedly so. After all a brainstorm session without structure, process inspiration and a well-trained facilitator is just a badly-run meeting!

But at some point you will probably want to get people together – whether in-person or online – to discuss ideas. This brainstorming training course will help you understand how to generate ideas more quickly using different ideation tools and brainstorming techniques to address your challenges.

This practical brainstorming training is for budding creative leaders, innovation facilitators and members of any group who would enjoy and benefit from becoming a trusted creative lynchpin for the group, able to facilitate collaboration in a highly interactive way to get to new ideas for your projects and innovation projects.


What your team will learn

This is a highly practical brainstorming training session and if meeting face-to-face, there’s lots of brainstorm facilitation practice! We look at the essentials of facilitation that apply whether you’re working IRL or for a remote online brainstorming session.

Arguably the skills are even more important when looking at a screen split up into 2cm squares on Zoom. Learn how to run an effective and powerful online meeting using a simple and systematic process as well as brainstorming techniques.

This is a highly interactive and experiential brainstorm training course where you will learn the art of facilitation to aid better creative thinking. You’ll learn through different methods with theory and practice, but mainly practice! You’ll improve the creative thinking and idea generation of the group as you learn by:

  • Planning a live brainstorm on a real-world issue
  • Doing
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Self-directed study
Understand different participant styles
Actively listen
Ask more useful questions
Structure an effective brainstorming session
Use idea generating tools and collaboration tools
Manage consensus with idea evaluation tools


What you will receive

Comprehensive course workbook
Individual coaching from the trainer
Enrolment onto our ‘Brainstorm Like A Pro’ e-learning module worth £30


Meet your coach

Claire Bridges

Now Go Create Founder & Chief Spark

Founder Claire learned the hard way the good, the bad and the ugly of brainstorming sessions and how to facilitate creative thinking as a Creative Director in a PR agency. She loves to facilitate collaboration and work towards high performance in teams.

Claire has worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies with their ongoing brainstorming initiatives and creative thinking capabilities to continually generate ideas. She is one of only a handful of people in the world to hold an MSc in innovation, creativity and leadership and brings her academic expertise to all our innovation, creativity and leadership programs and strategy courses.

brainstorming training

Anahita Milligan

Facilitator and problem-solver extraordinaire!

Expert trainer Anahita Milligan has been running our brainstorming training course for over a decade and as ex-Head of Strategy at the award-winning planning agency Manning Gotlieb she ran hundreds of brainstorming sessions. She shares her experience in how to best solve problems and become an expert in thinking tools and group idea generating tools. She is qualified in creative problem solving and is our own secret brainstorm and innovation facilitator!

Anahita is experienced in working with young adults with special needs and is passionate about making creativity accessible to all.


Clients words

A great resource that really works!

“I tried the e-learning resources for creativity and brainstorming. I love the fact that you can sit down and do it in parts and if you are interrupted by calls/children/dog you don’t have to start again. The tools are just as useful for an individual as for teams. If you are working alone at home and feeling a bit stuck it equally works. The workbook is just great to refer to as you go through with loads in it to try afterwards too.”

Frances Adams
Senior Marketing Consultant, Fremantle

Interesting and engaging

“Thanks for the creativity bootcamp week – to be honest I was genuinely worried about this week in terms of time away from emails and how good it would be, and having sat through a number of these over the years, this was honestly refreshing. Structurally breaking it up with talks which were less ‘corporate’ was great, they were so interesting and the hosts were so engaging and I pulled out interesting techniques and skills, not just for work but for life. Thanks again!”
Senior Creative Services Manager Fremantle


Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of the tools you cover on this brainstorming course?

We include simple and effective tools following sound process like this from the Liberating Structures organisation is our training materials.

‘1-2-4-All’ is a fab and deceptively simple facilitation tool – read more on our blog

The principles of psychological safety in groups and why it matters The GROW model

Who is the course for?

  • Do your brainstorming sessions fall flat?
  • Do you work in a team where you have to regularly facilitate creative sessions?
  • Do people look to you to run engaging, fun, useful creative workshops but you don’t feel confident every time?
  • Do you want to learn how to generate ideas and confidently run your own brainstorming session?

If you answered want to any of the above and want to facilitate better group brainstorming sessions, learn to solve problems and address challenges for your PR, digital, brand or marketing campaigns then this course is for you.

It’s essential you have some knowledge of creativity tools to get the most from this session and we recommend you take the Creative Ninjas course first. We run this day in-house and as an open training alongside Creative Ninjas for those who want advanced brainstorming creativity tools, and facilitation practice and skills to generate new ideas.


Simple, transparent pricing

We know that people like to learn in different so we have options for individuals and teams to help you become a brilliant facilitator and fuel your ideas!

Online Brainstorm Ninja Training

Get the most out of your online brainstorms and workshops with this online training session where we’ll share our go-to brainstorming tools to get the most out of your group time. A packed 2 hour live online webinar for groups. We sometimes run this a public workshop for individuals, and for groups.

Up to 14 participants

 Includes the How To Collaborate and Brainstorm Like a Pro e-learning module worth £30.00

 Reusable brainstorm planner and cheat sheet 


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