5 big themes from this year’s Cannes Lions

by | Jun 24, 2019

Maybe you didn’t go to Cannes. Maybe you’re not overly interested in what goes on. But if you are this digital doggy bag is a neat summary of some of the big topics, produced by Accenture, who identify 5 key themes:

1. Stand up or die – social consciousness reached new heights at the Festival this year as lost faith in government and media pushes consumers to rely on brands to take a stand.

2. Dare to be human  – by aligning with partners who represent core brand values, companies were able to drop themselves smack into cultural conversations, making their brands and products more relevant and relatable to customers and driving a trove of Grand Prix and Gold wins in the process.

3. Let everyone in – creating a more inclusive world for all.

4. Make a market – data insights and challenger brand mentality is allowing start ups to challenge legacy brands by creating communities around passion points to create and fuel new markets.

5. Open for renovation – how the ad industry needs an overhaul.

See the full report here 

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