Can your brief survive the Twitter test? Find out now!

by | May 8, 2024

Most project or marketing briefs are anything but.

The creative mind thrives on both inspiration and constraint. While we may balk at limitations, the truth is, focused parameters often force out our most innovative and effective work. That’s the power of the X (Twitter) brief.

Despite the oft-talked about idea of blue-sky thinking, constraints might seem counterintuitive to the creative process, but think of them like guardrails. Without boundaries, it’s too easy to drift aimlessly or get overwhelmed by endless possibilities. Constraints provide a much-needed framework, forcing us to consider unusual combinations, find resourceful solutions, and hone our ideas down to their most potent form.

Studies show that the right amount of constraint can stimulate novel thinking and problem-solving. It prompts us to step outside our comfort zones, pushing us to discover unexpected approaches that might never have surfaced under less restrictive conditions.

By boiling down your brief’s purpose to tweet-length, you eliminate distraction and ensure every single word supports the central goal. Your time and focus are your most valuable assets. A Twitter brief can help sharpen that focus – not just for you and your aims, but for anyone who comes into contact with your brief.

Much like a haiku poem, the Twitter brief demands discipline and precision. Legendary ad man Dave Trott came up with this idea on how to brief better.:

  • Imagine if your brief had to be written as a 280 character Tweet/X. 
  • That’s about 50 words.
  • If it was a matter of life and death, what is the ONE thing you’d want to be able to achieve, to change or affect?
  • What’s the one single job we absolutely must do?
  • That takes priority over everything else?
  • There’s no room for anything that isn’t crucial.
  • Clarity in, clarity out.

So, the next time you’re facing a creative task, don’t shy away from setting limitations. Try writing your creative or project brief as an X now!

If you like this technique see the even-more-focussed distillation tool – one word – here.

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