The theory of change – free creative strategy tool part 1

by | Sep 8, 2020

Here at Now Go Create our mission is to demystify the creative process – and upskill everyone in the key skills they’ll need for the future. Here’s a free creative strategy tool to get you started…

Strategy is the foundation of creativity, and it can be intimidating. But there are lots of great, free creative strategy tools and kits out there that can help you with your planning.

Something we often start with for internal proposals and client work is the Theory of Change map. The UK Innovation Foundation NESTA has created a free toolkit and the Theory of Change and there is a link to it for you to try below.

What is this tool and how will it help?

Setting up a Theory of Change is like making a roadmap that outlines the steps by which you plan to achieve your goal. Basically, it helps you define whether your work is contributing towards achieving the impact you envision. And lets you see if there is another way that you need to consider as well.

The Theory of Change tool doesn’t only help to clearly articulate and connect your work to your bigger goal. It also allows you to spot potential risks in your plan by sharing the underlying assumptions in each step. In large organisations, when there may be several projects running simultaneously, the Theory of Change helps to map these different projects first and then consider how they relate to each other.

This free creative strategy tool can also aid in aligning team members to the larger end goal. And it can help them understand their role in achieving it.

This is just one of 6 strategy development tools we teach on our online strategy workshop session, during which you’ll work through a challenge of your own and get more clarity, focus and direction for your project. This course is has been devised by our in-house award-wining strategy maven Anahita.

New strategy dates are added to our creativity training calendar quite regularly. Email for more details or to book your place.

Remember to give this free creative strategy tool a try on your next project or strategy session. And drop us a line to talk to us about setting up a strategy workshop for your team.


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