Your brilliant idea is only as good as your ability to sell it…

by | Oct 1, 2019

Is your fear of public speaking holding you back?

For some people a fear of public speaking is up there with death. It can range from sweaty palms to paralysing nerves. But if you can’t sell your ideas then they will never see the light of day. Our mindset coach James Mallinson runs his ‘meet your inner coach session’ as part of our presentation and pitch skills training as if you allow your inner gremlins to rule the roost you’ll never be at your best.

Recently Women’s Health writer Nikki Osman worked with James to find out if he can turn her into a TED-talker ready for a big public speaking event. Here are some of the highlights:

“We spend the first 10 minutes of the session talking about my beliefs, then we begin to change them. We start with a technique called havening – a psychosensory therapy in which you stroke your own arms – before moving on to some traditional hypnosis and visualisations. In total, we do nine different techniques.

The two hour-long sessions left me feeling buoyed. And when the day of the event arrived, I felt nervous, but no unreasonably so. I felt convinced that the hypnosis had worked. But I also left Mallinson’s office armed with coping strategies to help me in the moment.

I’m due to host five talks, and every one I make it through provides my unconscious mind with further proof that my public speaking career didn’t peak as a pre-teen.

The experience has taught me that the mind is a powerful thing – believe something will work you, and it just might.”

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