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Innovate your way out of a problem

by | Jun 27, 2022

Fresh back from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, here’s my first round up of the best innovation case studies and award-winners from 2022.

The Innovation category at Cannes is one of my favourite to review because it brings together the best of creative thinking in order to problem solve. It’s all about turning an idea into action. When you’re next in need of a creative boost, check out these three innovation case studies…

One House To Save Many

‘One House To Save Many’ is the world’s first home that is designed, scientifically-tested, and built to withstand cyclones, floods and bushfires.

It was the first time that a panel of experts in insurance, cyclone mitigation, flood mitigation and bushfire mitigation had been brought together to work on an architectural project.

And it upended insurance category conventions by focussing on prevention, rather than simply financial protection.

It led to insurance company Suncorp creating industry-first products off the back of the learnings like “Build it Back Better”.


As a result of the learnings from One House, Suncorp have created an industry-first product. “Build it Back Better” applies the resilience learnings from One House to every home they rebuild.

  • 20M+ earned impressions across national news outlets.
  • Documentary aired multiple times on a major broadcast network.


The Federal Government has since announced a $600m resilience fund for new disaster mitigation programs.

The learnings have been applied to the homes on a vulnerable street in North Queensland.

Suncorp’s business grew significantly.

  • +38% Consideration amongst non-customers.
  • +7.3% Market share in Home Insurance.
  • +29% Total home insurance quotes.
  • +9% Net home insurance new business.


Led by Suncorp, the Insurance Council of Australia has launched Project Resilience – aiming to embed resilience into the National Construction Code by 2025.

The campaign won the Grand Prix in the Innovation category at Cannes Lions 2022

John McEnroe VS John McEnroe for Michelob

Not the first person who comes to mind when you think of ‘joy’ in sports. McEnroe was his own toughest critic, a fierce competitor, and well-known for his angry on-court outbursts.

But later in life, John found joy. He finally realised “It’s only worth it if you enjoy it.”

So to challenge the win-at-all-costs mentality in modern sports, Michelob ULTRA challenged this living legend to face off against his own legacy, and embrace the joy he denied himself as a player.

Tennis met science fiction as Michelob ULTRA created the first real vs. virtual tennis match.

Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Unreal MetaHuman technology, and machine learning, John McEnroe was able to revisit his career, playing a real match against his toughest opponent: himself.

McEnroe went head-to-head against full A.I. versions of himself from the past. The idea being “Serving up joy like it’s never been seen before.” The technology behind this idea is astounding but the creative link to Michelob needs a bit more thinking to join the dots, in my opinion.

The Killer Pack / Maxx Flash

Most consumer packaging in India ends up in garbage dumps. It adds to the problem of waste and sometimes collects water, giving space for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Even 1 cm of water collected in a plastic/paper pack is enough for eggs to hatch into larvae.

The Killer Pack is first of its kind packaging that kills mosquito larvae when disposed, and is made with natural strain bacteria recommended by WHO and ICMR. It is also safe and does not harm the environment or any other species.

This innovative packaging enabled consumers to become a part of the solution. Maxx Flash sells anti-mosquito products, so this idea has the product benefit at heart – and solved a problem to boot.

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