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Join our biggest freebie ever, the Creative Leap!

by | Jan 21, 2020

“Leap and a net will appear” is one of my favourite quotes, and when I realised that 2020 is a leap year (offering an entire bonus 24 hours to love life and embrace creativity) it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up!

Here at Now Go Create we help individuals and businesses to improve their creative capabilities and skills to bridge what the World Economic Forum call a ‘21st century skills’ gap.

We’re inviting you to take part in the Creative Leap – a 29 day e-learning programme, where we’ll be sharing some of our team’s favourite resources on this free programme, gleaned, learned and practiced over our combined careers spanning over 25 years working in PR, planning, scriptwriting, coaching and training over 15,000 people.

So why a creative leap? Well, being creative is sometimes a mental hop, a skip or a jump, and sometimes it’s a giant leap into the unknown!

I’ve discovered that the creation of a leap year (and also the lesser known ‘leap second’) are quirks and tweaks that we humans have created to manage time and keep in tune with nature.  Every four years we have to meddle with the calendar and have a 29-day February, instead of 28 days, in order to make sure it doesn’t go out of whack.

Apparently, the ancient Egyptians dealt with this keeping up with the world-turning lark by having a 5-day party every few years in order to sort it out (now that’s an idea we can get on board with). You can get more on the low-down on the Gregorian calendar here. And this idea really tickled me in that even time as we know it is made up! Mind blown.

So, now you have the skinny on a leap year, the upshot of all this is that you’ll get a whole extra day to do whatever your heart desires. How cool is that? And it happens to fall on a Saturday in 2020.

Without fail people we work with tell us a lack of time is an enemy of creativity, so whatcha gonna do with a whole bonus 24 hours?

Get, set, leap…

Are you ready to get stuck in? We’ll send you a daily dose of creative inspiration for every day in February with all the nuggets from our resources to help you tackle anything on your creative to-do list.

There’ll be a range of brainfood to help you with every part of the creative process – using insights, devising strategy, generating ideas as well as some short, fun exercises to help unleash your creativity. These will take you anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, and you can dig deeper if you want to with extra links, freebies and worksheets.

Highlights include:

  • Tests to assess your creative style and preferences
  • Key marketing trends for 2020, with a trends canvas to unpack & apply them
  • Our go-to creativity tools to generate brilliant ideas, quickly
  • Effective alternatives to group brainstorming

So, get ready to leap. You can dip in and out as you like and build your mental toolkit, and of course share it with your friends, team and networks using the #CreativeLeap

We’d love to hear from you as we go through the month and we’ll be sharing your ideas, feedback and creations as we go. We’ll also be giving away some cheeky Now Go Create merch for stuff we love including my book, mugs and more.

Our focus is on practical ways to up the creative output and improve the quality of thinking in your business for competitive advantage.

Sign up here and look forward to seeing you there.




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