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The 15 best apps for creative thinking – part 2

by | Nov 16, 2018

Here’s part 2 of our favourite tech tools to help get the creative juices flowing. We have creative thinking apps, planning tools and more…

10/ Writing Challenge

Anyone who writes fiction for a living needs a brain that is firing on all cylinders, and you can get a feel for the cerebral wringer such people put themselves through with this clever app.

By forcing you to include certain words, take sudden u-turns and implement new scenarios in your own just-for-fun scribblings, it’s a great way to engage with creative thinking really quickly.

9/ Trello

If you work in a creative team and have not yet tried Trello, you’re missing a trick. It doesn’t take long to get your head around – your smartphone screen basically becomes a board on which a series of cards (that you create) are placed.

Participants on the project can move them around, share them, add notes and images to them. And while that sounds about as boring as watching paint dry, it’s actually not and is just the thing when one or more people are working on an idea and need to stay organised.

8/ Creative Whack Pack

Based on the million-selling Creative Whack Pack card deck, this takes a similar approach to Brainsparker. But it goes into a little more detail to help throw a new slant on whatever problem you’re wrestling with.

No matter what your creative challenge, the Creative Whack Pack is a brilliant way to slam the brakes on the way you are currently thinking and try something new. We have 28 of our own creative hacks free to download if you sign up to our newsletter 😉

7/ Unstuck

Unstuck is the brainchild of San Fransisco-based SYPartners, experts in organisational transformation. And it claims to be a digital coach that’s ready for you every time you’re feeling stuck.

There are questions that will get you thinking in a different way, as well as a variety of tips and tools that will help to prise open a raft of new ideas.

6/ Candor

Candor is awesome! We’ve raved about it before and use it all the time for better brainstorms. Used by Google, IBM and Kellogg, amongst others the developers say:

Candor helps groups generate ideas & make difficult decisions and using it generates more diverse or creative ideas because people don’t get fixated on the first idea that’s put on the table, avoiding the problems of idea anchoring and clustering.

It also helps to tackle the biases and hierarchy that can influence idea generation because it can be anonymous and non-verbal. We’ll do a deep dive into Candor on the next blog and show you how we’ve used it.

Next week: our top 5. And here’s part one if you missed it.

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