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We love a happy camper (or creative)….

by | Jul 7, 2015

“Very useful & exceeded my expectations.”

“Great, loved all the different creative techniques we discussed. We covered lots of ground. It was really fun and inspiring.”

“Definitely useful! It made me think in a whole new way with really useful resources and practical tools.

We ran our Unleash Your Inner Creative half-day workshop for the PRCA today for a bunch of folk from the charity sector, corporate and consumer shops, with excellent feedback. This regular session is for intermediate level and it gets rave reviews every time because the tools we teach are what we call ‘subject neutral’ – they are tried and tested problem-solving tools that work whatever the subject matter. There’s nothing like a room full of completely diverse subjects and people to put the tools to the test! Despite the diverse organisations and personalities in the room they all agreed upfront that they wanted ways to get out of a rut and challenge their work processes in order to generate new and unusual ideas. We also ran a webinar for the PRCA this afternoon for nearly 40 mainly public sector PR’s sharing 90 minutes of insider tricks on how to be creative under pressure.

Our next open session for the PRCA will be on 5th November at the PRCA’s offices in Southwark. We are also running a full day creativity workshop ‘How to be a creative ninja’ on October 13th in Central London, followed by our advanced brainstorm training skills “Facilitating genius’ on 14th Oct. For more details and to book click here.

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