Your invitation to a nature trail, a treasure hunt, a walking party & immersive theatre

by | Jul 16, 2019

We are so excited here at Now Go Create to partner with Charlotte Spencer to offer her incredible Walking Stories project as part of our creative experiences. It’s the perfect antidote to being stuck at your desk or being on a Zoom call.

Charlotte Spencer’s work is equally a nature trail, a treasure hunt, a walking party and a piece of immersive theatre in which we, the participants, are also the performers.

At the start we’re handed out headphones and MP3 players loaded with the soundtrack that will guide us through the hour-long journey Spencer and her collaborators have designed. A collage of physical instructions, music and commentary, it will prompt us to experiment with the ways in which we look, listen and move. For anyone who happened to be in Greenwich Park that lunchtime we must have been a mildly bizarre sight: sometimes walking as a group and sometimes splitting off on random deviations; also running in circles, lying on the ground, collecting piles of twigs, lurking behind trees and taking imaginary pictures of conkers.” Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

Charlotte is a choreographer, facilitator and occasional performer. As artistic director of Charlotte Spencer Projects she works across art forms and predominantly in outdoor environmental contexts. With the contribution of many remarkable artists, Charlotte creates choreographic experiences, curates events, gives talks, collaborates, disrupts and questions and invites us on a journey.

Now Go Create founder Claire first encountered Charlotte’s work whilst studying for her MSc in Creativity and Innovation, and was struck then (and still many years later) by the experience (read the blog here).

The power of walking to aid creative thought is well documented, and the impact of being outside in nature is a subject close to Claire’s heart and part of her own creative process which led to a collaboration with Canopy and Stars.

The Walking Stories experience takes this to a whole new level inviting the participants to reflect, explore, react, take part, lead or follow, play whilst engaging all the senses.

There are multiple experiential soft skills lessons for individuals and teams that arise from the session including:

  • Creativity & alternative perspective seeking
  • Mindfulness & Reflection 
  • Negotiation & collaboration 
  • Decision making & group unity
  • Leader and followership

An antidote to your desk or office environment, this curated experience will stay with you and your teams long after the session. Typically run for up to 20 people in a park or green space, in London or elsewhere and lasting 2 hours including a guided reflection with a coach. Walking Stories exists in French and Portuguese as well as English if you have an international audience/team. Read the full outline  here.

Contact for availability and prices.

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